Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....

Where House is NEVER safe...

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I'm a stay-at-home mom to my wonderful thirteen year old son. Previous to my retirement, I was a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics.

I've always enjoyed creative writing, and in May of 2006, I discovered the wonderful world of fan fiction. Since then, I've written several pieces for the House, MD fandom, including the novel-length Devil trilogy, consisting of The Devil, You Say, Battling the Demons, and The Devil's In the Details. All are available at my journal, as well as several shorter pieces. And I've completed another novel-length House, MD story, The More Things Change..., which is a sick!House novel exploring the dark shift in the House-Wilson dynamic during season three of the show. It, too, is in my LJ journal. Hours, a dark series of vignettes exploring what might have happened if Tritter's vendetta against House had played out in a... different way... is there as well.

11.07.08 In the past month, I've posted several new one-shots in my journal for House, MD. By and large, they focus on the House-Wilson dynamic, and the changes their friendship has been undergoing. Also, I've resumed work on the still-unnamed sequel to the novel-length The More Things Change.

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