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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
25th-Feb-2007 02:41 pm
Okay, so it's like this.  blackmare_9thinks I haven't been writing enough.  So she force-fed me a song title, I Won't Back Down, by Tom Petty.  Never heard the song, don't care for Tom Petty.  She told me to quit making excuses and write the drabble.  So I did.  Then, she wanted me to correct a confusing line.  So I did.  Now, she wants me to actually post the damned thing!  Demanding, isn't she?  ;)

I Won’t Back Down

House tosses the GameBoy to the coffee table, biting back an exasperated noise.  If he’d been able, earlier, to toss his piano out the window, he’d have done that, too.  Silencing the TV had been easy and satisfying; remote controls are aerodynamically sound, fly easily across the room.

He considers, and discards, a hot shower, his favorite call girl, a drive through the country.  His eyes return, unwillingly, to the glass vial in his hand, that clear liquid magnet.  "No!" he whispers fiercely to its contents.  "Not today."

He sighs, puts down the vial, picks up a deck of cards.

And on to the  second drabble...
25th-Feb-2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
yes, but Surrogate is exceptional. as are your drabbles. my drabble, otoh, is... adequate. however. i'll call a cease-fire in this mutual ego-feeding when i see the lengthened surrogate scene--so get busy, kettle! ;)