KidsNurse (kidsnurse) wrote,

Project Pix [personal entry]

Okay; the project has been completed, and carried carefully to school--although at one point this morning, I must admit to threatening that if the little darling didn't immediately improve his [very] shitty attitude, I myself would personally stop the vehicle, remove the project board from the backseat, tear it up, and happily scatter it to the four winds. I had the right to do this of course, because guess who wound up putting at least 85% of that board together?

Many thanks, gang, for the support--and a few good laughs--along the way. Without further ado, I present to you The Project Board:

Left side of board THE BOARD! Right side of project board

For readability, click on the images--if you care/dare! :)

Tags: koda, personal, project
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