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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
This WASN'T in What To Expect!!!!! [personal entry] 
15th-Nov-2008 08:29 am
Just a quick note to God, or the Fates, or Whatever Else might be Out There:

If ANYONE had EVER mentioned SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS to me, lo, these many years ago,


also, there is not enough Ativan on the freakin' planet.

That is all. 
15th-Nov-2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
I must grocery shop today, and go to a couple or three Art Things for my blogging gig.

Posted two more drawings last night, one new, one very old. It made me feel better.

drown myself in the shower

Old hunters' tale has it that turkeys can drown themselves in the rain but I think it's a little more difficult for humans. ;-)

Liquor store sounds like excellent plan. I may do that myself today.