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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
Question??? [False memory of House episode] 
1st-Jan-2008 11:25 am
I need some help here.  Apparently, I've got a false memory of a House episode in which a young man has several fingers severed in some sort of accident.  He is also a heavy smoker, and is denied replantation surgery based on that.  He promises to quit smoking immediately, and the fingers [I believe they were cadaver fingers] are successfully attached.  But he and his wife? girlfriend? return several weeks later, and the fingers are turning black, dying.  Turns out that his addiction to smoking was  stronger than the risk of losing his fingers.

blackmare_9   doesn't recall this ever happening in House.  But I'm certain that I saw, or read, about this incident somewhere.  Does anyone else recall this incident on TV, in a movie, or perhaps a book?

Full disclosure--as I am a smoker, and have been obssessing worried about a serious, stupidly self-inflicted injury to my only functional hand since prior to Christmas, it's entirely possible that I dreamed the whole thing.  But... I really think I saw this somewhere. 

Oh, almost forgot--HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!
3rd-Jan-2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
ahh--somehow forgot you were in the ASD club! i must agree; asperger's+puberty=attitude from hell at the best of times, and creature from a distant planet at the worst. koda goes back to school monday. my fatal mistake was allowing him to go off the adderall-xr for five days.

when he swaggered [yes, swaggered] into the house one day and bit out 'hey, mama, whuzzup?' in a deep, gravelly, put-on accent, i said 'that's it,' and handed him the capsule. in thirty minutes i had my [mostly sweet and charming] eleven-year-old child back. and in forty-five minutes, he was sound asleep.

can anyone explain to me how one can down thirty milligrams of amphetamines and then fall into a deep, restful sleep in the middle of the day? not getting that. at all.

anyway. we just have to make it through until monday. let's hear it for monday!!!
3rd-Jan-2008 03:10 pm (UTC)
somehow forgot you were in the ASD club!

Both of my kiddos are on the spectrum our son is nine and thankfully hasn't hit puberty yet (just occurred to me that in a few short years I'll have two teenagers. Kill. me. now.) Right now his dx is PDD-NOS+ Nonverbal learning disability and a learning disability with writing (possibly dysgraghia) Our 12 year old daughter is more traditionally autistic and she is also profoundly Deaf. (The two things apparently have nothing to do with one another, though both are thought to be genetic.) Our family is a big old bag of fun nuerologically speaking. (In addition to having MS I was an ADD kid.)

My daughter hitting puberty has been....interesting to say the least. When she's not trying to kill us with lazer-beams shooting from her eyes she can actually be a delight. Her doctors swear things will get better once her horomones settle in..no one has been willing to give us a concrete time-line on that though, which is a shame we were going to start a quasi-advent calender leading to the blessed event.

Meds are a funny thing aren't they? Yesterday my daughter came to me out of the blue signing "No more sleep meds" and I was all "They're not sleep meds (though they do have that affect, bless them) they're..."stall for a second "Make you feel better-meds" and she stomped off signing that she wasn't going to take them any more. I heard no more about it and she took her pill just fine last night so I don't know what was up with that.
3rd-Jan-2008 03:24 pm (UTC)
we were going to start a quasi-advent calender leading to the blessed event

rofl!!! thank you!!! yup--the only way to navigate these treacherous waters is to throw in humor whenever possible--and sometimes [and most especially] when it does not seem possible. ;)