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Thoughts On Whatever It Takes, House ep 406 [public]

This entry is public, but not posted to the comms.

there was, for me, little that was enjoyable--or even interesting--about this ep.  overall, i felt as if we'd been tossed back into the darkest hours of S3, wherein all characterizations were frustratingly inconsistent.  but worse--house seemed to be a caricature [is that spelled correctly?  it doesn't look  'right'.] of himself.  and i thought that--at very least--the reference to cuddy's vagina was unnecessary, and unfunny.  almost like the writers had 'challenged' themselves:  "hey, ya think we can get 'penis' and 'vagina' in the same episode?"

the one thing which moved me [aside from the tender way house administered the tea to john, which i attribute not to this awkward and scattered script, but solely  to hugh laurie's acting] was at the end, when house initially thought that hotciadoc had followed him home to take him up on the offer of sex.  his nervousness and discomfort were sweet, and a bit sad--and a glimpse of the S1 house, who endeared himself to me with those vulnerabilities that, these days, we rarely see.

so i was thinking; if last night's ep is an example of what we're gonna be missing due to the writers' strike, well then--long live the writers' strike.  and thank god for dvds of seasons one and two. 

Tags: canon, episode, house, s4

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