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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
HALLOWEEN HOUSE PIX! [personal entry] 
2nd-Nov-2007 09:26 am
As you might remember, the night before Halloween I was in a panic, in need of a graphic for House's PPTH ID badge for Koda's costume.  You guys came through for me; hithaheven sent a scan of House's dosimeter!  I'm so grateful for all the enthusiastic assistance, and I'm sorry for the delay in posting the pics; I'd intended to get them up yesterday--but I spent yesterday morning at the dentist, and the remainder of the day wishing I was sleeping, and--when I was lucky--actually sleeping.

Koda's costume was the hit of the party, and then later, at Walgreen's, we wound up being there an extra hour because everyone there wanted to admire him--and baby!House ate it up!!!  Several people told us it was the best Halloween costume they'd ever seen!  Unfortunately, the pictures don't even begin to do him justice, as--for some reason--they show his hair and stubble as much darker than it was; the grays and silvers and paler browns weren't picked up at all.  You'll have to take my word for it that it in fact looked very much like House's in color (if not in length; oh well).

Koda told me afterwards that it was the best Halloween--and the best family birthday--he'd ever had.  So again, my thanks to all for your assistance in making this happen!!  

As usual--click to enlarge:




2nd-Nov-2007 04:56 pm (UTC)
sounds like you had a blast as well! koda originally wanted to go as a vampire, but since it was a church function [and the word 'halloween' wasn't used once], i had to explain that... uh... perhaps a mythical, blood-sucking, ungodly creature wasn't exactly a great idea... [unless he'd wanted to go as an emotional vampire--then he could've been wilson instead! ;) ].
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Nov-2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
biblical costumes.... when ko was attending st. peter's catholic school for kindergarten, the costume request was that the children dress as saints. koda was st. joseph, he of the 'staff of flowers.' so i put silk flowers on my cane. i don't sew, so i made the entire costume with the iron and bonding tape!! hee.

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