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  • The Devil, You Say  06.03.06   An exploration into the difference between addiction and dependence, as well as a look into the House-Wilson-Cuddy friendship.  Much pain, angst, hurt/comfort.  Book One of the Devil trilogy.
    Rated: PG   Genre: Angst/Friendship  [35,000 words]
  • Battling the Demons  07.08.06  After the events in book one, House is home from the hospital--and complications abound.  In-depth study of the House-Wilson dynamic, and the role Cuddy plays in their friendship.  Book Two of the Devil trilogy.
    Rated: PG   Genre: HurtComfort/Angst/Friendship  [48,000 words]
  • The Devil's In the Details  10.03.06  House continues to have medical problems--but these problems are new, and frightening.  And House's ever-present trust issues may prevent a successful recovery....  Book Three of the Devil trilogy.
    Rated: PG   Genre: HurtComfort/Angst/Friendship  [60,000 words]
  • HOUR: A series of vignettes  06.18.07   A look--with a twist--at what might have happened, had Detective Michael Tritter's vendetta against House been allowed to play out.
    Rated: PG   Genre: Angst/Friendship  [20,000 words]
  • The More Things Change  05.08.07   Wilson is given an unexpected opportunity to prove his friendship to House.  This story is my own attempt to make sense of the unsettling disruption of the House-Wilson dynamic in Season Three.
    Rated: PG   Genre: HurtComfort/Angst/Friendship  [53,000 words]
One-Shots/Short Pieces
**Where Were You?  06.16.06  We’ve all wondered where Wilson
 was during House’s infarction; House has wondered, too Rated:PG  Genre:Angst/Friendship
**Eulogy  06.28.06  Wilson
 discovers that sometimes, you can say much more with the written word than you could ever say aloud.                
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship 
**Swan Song  01.21.07 After the Tritter arc, House thinks about all that's happened, and comes to a decision.
Rated:  PG   Genre:  Angst   Warning:  Major Character Death
**Three Drabbles  02.26.07  Three one-hundred word drabbles. Each is centered around House and/or Wilson.
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship 
**Knowing  02.01.07  This is an introspective vignette, wherein House ponders the question of why Wilson sticks around.  Companion to Wondering
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship
**Wondering 10.13.07  The companion to Knowing.  Wilson ponders the same question, and hopes he can answer it to House's satisfaction.             
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship 
**Lifeline  07.13.07  Wilson takes an important phone call.   
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship
**Busted  07.15.07  Wilson’s down with a wicked migraine—fine time for House to start acting stranger than usual!  
Rated: PG  Genre: Friendship
**And It All Comes Down To This  07.19.07  House is in pain.  He thinks about what it's cost him, and he takes a hard look at the math.  Then Wilson forces him to recalculate.   
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship
**What Wilson Knows  10.16.07  Wilson knows something that no one else seems to have figured out—not even House.  Companion to What House Knows.
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship
**What House Knows  10.25.07  House knows he's put Wilson in a tough position--but he has his reasons.  Companion to What Wilson Knows.
Rated: PG  Genre: Angst/Friendship
  11.22.07  After the events of House's extra-rough day, Wilson plays doctor, psychiatrist--and friend.  Short,  quickly written tag for House episode 4.08, You Don't Want To Know.                           Rated: PG   Genre:  Hurt/comfort, Friendship
**Reparations  11.29.07   It's House's second day back at work after Rehab--and he has something to share with Wilson. 
Rated:PG  Genre:Angst/Friendship
**Peanut Butter & Blood  12.01.07  House injures himself.  So--naturally--this requires a call to Wilson, who--naturally--rushes right over.
Rated: G  Genre:  Friendship

Therapy  12.14.07  House conducts an impromptu therapy session for Wilson--and ends up participating himself.                       Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/Angst

Selling It  09.23.08  House has something to hide from Wilson.  First in a triptych.
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/Angst
Buying It  09.24.08  Wilson has a chance to figure out what House is hiding. Second in a triptych.
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/HurtComfort
Deciphering It  10.14.08  Wilson's gotten smarter.  Third in a triptych.
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/HurtComfort
Past Imperfect, Present Tense  10.10.08  Cuddy's made the phone call; now Wilson's headed back to... what?
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/Angst/HurtComfort
And So It Goes...  10.20.08  Could House actually be feeling a little guilty?  Nah...
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship
Aiuto!  11.05.08  Wilson's in love--and House approves!  What could possibly go wrong?
Rated: PG  Genre:  Friendship/Romance
Snapped  11.10.08  Tag for 4.14 Wilson's Heart.  House felt it when it broke, an awful, physical sensation.
Rated: PG  Genre:  Angst

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