KidsNurse (kidsnurse) wrote,

Aiming a cannon at canon

Last night's episode of House left me cold.  Had "The Right Stuff" been my introduction to the series, House would not currently occupy highest priority on the DVR; nor would Tuesdays be the highlight of my week.  It would be like Law and Order--fine if I happen to catch it.  Also fine if I don't.

Three scenes that I enjoyed:  Wilson convincing House that Cameron and Chase were in Arizona, the wonderful 'cane' scene when House busts Wilson about his lie, and--the one I most enjoyed, and was most moved by [which is amazing because I could care less about any of the Fellows]--the operating room scene, with Chase speaking from the Observation area, and the questioning, almost pleading look House gave him when one of the new kids asked if House was going to hire Chase instead.

The rest of the hour?  Eh.  Neither the PoTW nor the diagnostic gymnastics grabbed me.  The antics of the 'contestants' were... predictable.  Cuddy was under-utilized.  Wilson was overly analytical [and not in a concerned way], and I'm with House on that one--it's tiresome, and beginning to verge on annoying.

But.  BUT.  The biggest problem for me came after the show ended, with the preview for next week.  It appears that the writers have [yet again] conveniently "forgotten" canon.  I ended the preview with my mouth open--and not because House was lying on the floor, apparently in cardiac arrest.  My mouth had already fallen open when Wilson preached, "You don't know there's nothing; you haven't been there!"  Uh... what?  

That one line blasts a hole in canon big enough for all forty fellowship applicants to waltz through.  Hey; Three Stories ring any bells, writers???  You know, that little episode where House recounts his clinical death, complete with descriptions of what he "saw" while he was dead?  Remember that whole "I find it more comforting to believe that this isn't simply a test" speech?  Visions, white lights, the whole nine yards.  Is it starting to come back to you, writers?  You guys been into the Versed again???  

Eh.  Go ahead; kill 'im next week.  Then, why don't you have Cameron awaken him with a kiss--it'll be just as plausible as expecting us to disregard the existence of Three Stories.

Tags: canon, house, s4

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