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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
"Broken" Arms, Ice... and CIRCULATION (and Asperger's too) 
19th-Jun-2007 06:36 pm
So I'm sitting in my kid's therapist's office, doing the DSM-IV thing with her, getting ready for Koda's evaluation tomorrow (for the "official" Asperger's Syndrome dx) up at Shands Teaching Hospital (affiliated with University of Florida) up in Gainesville.  And I get a 911 message on my cell.  And it's summer camp, at his school.  And Ko has been "run over" by another skater at the rink.  And his arm is broken.  And his fingers are blue.

Therapist's office is three minutes from the school, which is two minutes from the ER.  We make it to the ER in, grand total, four minutes.  Only there are 1357 people in the ER.  So we sit.  And wait.  And all the ice the school packed Ko's arm in wears off.  And his nailbeds turn pink.  And his arm turns pink a few minutes later.  And then he's swinging his arm in huge arcs, and smiling.  So we check out.

Moral of  the story:  Ice causes constriction.  Constriction causes blue.  An anxious teacher can cause a mother to have a heart attack.  Don't  pack an arm in ice, wait half an hour, and then call mommy.

And also.  We leave here tomorrow at 6am for  the Shands appointment.  So only possible Hour update would be late tomorrow evening, but possibly not until Thursday--enjoy the break!!
19th-Jun-2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
thanks--and all it cost me (in the tears-and-drama-curing department) were one kiss, two hugs, and the jusy-out-today Bridge to Terabithia dvd! ;)