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Cats' Corners: the little HOUSE in the woods....
Where House is NEVER safe...
House: 4.09 Games--they shoulda called this one on account of rain. Or stupidity. 
28th-Nov-2007 09:19 am

The conclusion of last night's episode left me confused and disappointed and  angry  and irritable.  Oh, and did I mention confused?  Continuity gods, why dost thou continue to forsake us?  Our forgiveness for last season's Tritter arc wasn't a large enough sacrifice?

And speaking of arcs.  I enjoyed the Stacy arc.  *ducks*
I tolerated the Vogler arc [well, really I just pretty much ignored it.].
I despised the Tritter arc.
The Survivor arc?  Makes me want to crawl into bed with my seasons one and two DVDs, and pretend to be awaiting season three.  It's not that I despised it.  It's not that I enjoyed it.  It's that I didn't care one way or the other.  And that?  Saddens me.

Some questions.  Where is the medical mystery that drove season one?  Where is the characterization that drove season two?  And even--where are the highs and lows that drove season three?  But most importantly:  Where the hell is Dr. Gregory House, the brilliant, damaged genius whose glimpes of humanity and vulnerability were all the sweeter because the rest of the time we were slicing ourselves on his barbed-wire personality?

For me, the character of House has become a caricature of himself--and a poorly drawn one, at that.  I feel no sympathy for S4 House, nor even empathy.  I love him still--but that's only because I can still remember how utterly complicated, how poignant, how amusing, he used to be.   I'm able to recreate that man with my fiction because I know that--underneath this season's confused, self-indulgent, shallow idiot, that man still exists.  He's simply hidden underneath the rubble of bad writing and inconsistent characterization.  Not his fault.

And where is Wilson?  You know who I mean--that man who  was House's anchor and his foil, his conscience and his catalyst, his reason for not throwing in the towel and completely, finally, turning his back on the human race?  The man who, with one gaze would have let both House and the audience know, last week, that he was worried sick about his abused, mistreated, misunderstood, vulnerable best friend?

I can't complain about the House-Wilson dynamic this season, because there is no House-Wilson dynamic this season.  I've adored watching Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard revel in each other's company each time they're on screen together.  I've cheered on the rare occasion when they've been able, solely through their skills as actors, to overcome the horrid writing and convey true glimpses of the complex men each has worked so hard to create.  And I've sighed sadly when even they are unable to overcome the writers' lack of characterization and continuity, and a scene between them comes off forced, or phoned in.

The plotline involving Wilson last night is a prime example of the reasons for my despair.  Yeah--I get that Wilson is a good-hearted, sincere, upstanding fellow who was about to let a patient walk all over him.  I get that it was House's job to prevent that from happening.  I even get that the writers may have been attempting to convey to us a Deep Message about the way the two are always looking out for one another.  What I don't get is why they couldn't give us a lousy three-second shot of House staring after Wilson, concern evident in his eyes, a la season one [just as, last week, I wanted the same three-second shot of Wilson's eyes, brimming with compassion, as he looked at his ill, defeated friend].  Instead, they left us to figure out for ourselves what House had done, and why.  And I'll tell ya--after last night's show, I visited a few chat and message boards, and was unsurprised to discover that the majority of posting viewers had totally missed the well-hidden intent of the plotline.

I want House back.  I want Wilson back.  I want the House-Wilson dynamic back.  And--because I am a foolish optimist, with unshaken faith in Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard--I will continue to watch the show faithfully, awaiting the day when the medical mysteries again capture my avid attention, the day when the writing again makes me laugh and cry and sigh and snort, all in the space of five minutes--the day when House and Wilson, the current confusing and separate entities, become again House-and-Wilson, two intriguing "halves" who make the most complex "whole" on television.  Or until the writers succeed in running the show into the ground.  Whichever comes first.

28th-Nov-2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's a lot of whining there.
28th-Nov-2007 04:16 pm (UTC)
a lot of whining

and for that, i apologize, sincerely--especially if you're enjoying the season. after last night, i'd reached the point where i needed to acknowledge that--for me--the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes. and i thought it might help me to feel better, and i'd even hoped that someone would come along and make me see that i'm wrong; i want to be wrong. so please--if you feel differently than i do--i'd truly love to know why.
28th-Nov-2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed. On every account. Didn't care 'bout who got fired or not (except I liked Amber), House is being a jerk for no reason, he's unfunny, everyone's unfunny, there's no spark between any of the characters, the only jokes they pull are so soap-ish they make me cringe.

To me I think the show ended with 97 Seconds. I still watching because I'm dying to see glimpes of the old House and the old Wilson. They are there, but so rare I have to use a microscope to see them.

I didn't even understand their argument, and wait, there was a hidden intet with the plot line? I didn't even get that :/ The writing is either so over the top it's embarrassing, and whatever happened to subtle? Or, it's so messed up and badly relayed we completely miss the point. *sigh*

I love House and Wilson, and s. 1 and 2 will always be in my heart, but otherwise, I feel like you. I can't even be bothered writing reviews of the eps anymore on the board I frequent *shrugs*
28th-Nov-2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
wait, there was a hidden intet with the plot line?

yeah--but you'd have needed that microscope to see it, and possibly an MRI of the writer's brain to understand it.

but let's keep hoping. perhaps, after the strike ends, the writers will return with renewed purpose.
28th-Nov-2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
perfectly stated. I agree. I concur. I am going to have to just write Hugh/RSL fic pretty soon . . .

maybe the writers just need a break/strike . . .

and keep writing your fic - I LOVE your fic.
28th-Nov-2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
maybe the writers just need a break/strike . . .

i just expressed that same hope in the comment above you! because i don't want to give up--that'd be like giving up on family. i simply want to get back to anticipating tuesday nights with unconditional excitement instead of equal measures of conditional hope and dread....
28th-Nov-2007 04:18 pm (UTC) - YES!
Ive always been a believer in the whole "If its not broke, don't fix it" philosophy. And I never once felt that seasons 1-3 were lacking anything. It was a great show how it was and you know how you know that? Because it managed to be the same type of show for three ENTIRE seasons and people kept watching. Ok, so you needed to end season 3 on a dramatic note. Have Cameron get knocked up, or Chase go missing. Anything but this hot mess. I don't feel like there was a reason to get rid of all three of them, keep them in the opening credits and let them linger in and out of a five second scene from time to time.
I was sort of okay with just Foreman, Taub, and Kutner being his new team. The whole Cuddy marching in and saying he needed a female team member is a crock of shit. 13 though? Amber had more depth as a character than 13 could ever hope to have for the rest of the season. So she killed a patient. Theres an excellent reason to keep her there. But I guess she was "better looking" then Amber. And I forget that that is all it comes down too in the end. I like how House and Wilson play off each other, and thats the only thing keeping me interested right now. Because you're right, House just isn't House anymore.
But I guess I wont give up all hope just yet :)~
28th-Nov-2007 04:30 pm (UTC) - Re: YES!
House just isn't House anymore

you are so right. neither the character, nor the show, are what i fell deeply in love with anymore. but i know they're still in there somewhere, so, like you, i'm unwilling to write off either one as long as there's an occasional glimpse of what has been, and could be again, a character and show that consumed me. here's to optimism, and a fruitful end to the writers' strike, and the re-emergence of our beloved house-and-wilson!
28th-Nov-2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
So I'll admit, it took me a while to catch on to House's actual motives regarding Wilson's situation, and to properly gauge Wilson's reaction. I just thought it was me, though, being a little slow. As for the rest of the season (or next season, depending on how the strike pans out), I'm holding out for some kind of payoff.

I loved the Stacy arc, by the way. ;)
28th-Nov-2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
I'm holding out for some kind of payoff

and i'm right there with you. and it could happen; this is, after all, House, the most amazing, original show i've ever seen.

I loved the Stacy arc, by the way

i think what people tend to forget about is that it was a perfect showcase for clearer understanding of house, and the house-wilson dynamic as well. and it was funny, and tragic, and touching, and very real....

*wanders off, nostalgic for the good ol' days*
28th-Nov-2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
I see your points, I really do. But I guess I have more hope than you do.

But I'm also one of the few who liked the Tritter arc (though I think of it as "the shooting arc," since I don't think that event can be separated and started House's entire slide into desperation). In all its contrived glory, it gave the opportunity for what was IMO both HL and RSL's best acting of the series so far, and it gave the deepest insights into their psyches.

So many people disliked season three for being so dark, and now season four for being too light. While there are some definite problems (mainly things like Cuddy's portryal) I like that the writers are taking risks, even if those risks sometimes fail to hit their mark. And there have been some intriguining glimpses (whether intentional or not) of something important happening under the surface.

HL made a comment about House being "on and off the ledge" this season, and it seems like so far this season he's been almost in a almost manic phase. He's been outwardly more moronic and buffoonish (and apparently popping less Vicodin), and heady with the power of manipulation over the new team. One reviewer called him "more sadistic" this year. Yet at the same time he's taking incredible risks and ratcheting up the self-destruction in ways we haven't seen before (and this is a character we've seen break his own hand and down a bottle of Oxy, amongst other things!). I also have interpreted him as being a bit more needy to Wilson - a remnant of the Tritter arc. During that time, House was cruel and shunning of Wilson. Now Wilson is more sardonic and distant, while House seems to continually seek him out, act buddy-buddy, even tells Wilson he loves him.

I assume the hidden depth you mean was House's line, "You think you're responsible for every failure: every patient's boring life, every friend's screwed up..." To me, that's one of the key lines of the season, along with Wilson's in 97 Seconds: "Maybe you didn't want to die, but you didn't care if you lived!" Two, IMO, very significant lines almost buried or glossed over. The lesson House was trying to teach Wilson is to not let people walk all over him, not to take responsibility for people who don't deserve it. And I think House feels like he doesn't deserve it. The old, "Go away, come back" dichotomy. He loves Wilson. Wilson is the most important person in his life and House knows that Wilson has - or has been prepared to - sacrifice everything for House. And not out of any selfish motivation, but rather simply because he loves House (and I'm not talking love in a slashy way necessarily). Because House loves Wilson in return he hates seeing Wilson "waste his life" - House has caused Wilson irrepairable damage to his career, been at least partially to blame for the failure of his marriages, etc. No one can convince me House doesn't feel guilty about those things. Before Wilson cut him off, the gist of what he was saying was basically, "It's not your fault!"

I hope I'm right in getting the sense that there are being clues dropped here and there this season. If not an outright death wish, House has at least shown an alarming unconcern about his own life. He's been reaching out to Wilson more. He tested Wilson's blood for...something. And now he pulled the thing with the ex-terminal patient, trying to teach Wilson to stand up for himself. He's tried to absolve Wilson of guilt and stepped in when he thinks Wilson is being self-sacrificing.

I don't think the writers are going this way, but if you want to be REALLY REALLY dark it's almost as if House is trying to lay the groundwork to prepare Wilson for a life without House.
28th-Nov-2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
i absolutely agree with each point you've made--and have [and am currently] exploring many of these points more deeply in my fiction. i suppose that what's bothering me is another point you mentioned--that the writers are giving us intriguing, exciting glimpses into the minds of both house and wilson--and then are glossing over them, or even [apparently] dropping them totally [thus far, anyway].

i suppose what i'm longing for is consistency--in plot, in characterization, in overall quality. and i'm optimistic that we'll get that. in the meantime, it's analyses like yours that make me remember that even when it's bad, House is still far better, in my opinion, than anything else on television--now, or ever.

I don't think the writers are going this way, but if you want to be REALLY REALLY dark it's almost as if House is trying to lay the groundwork to prepare Wilson for a life without House.

oddly, that thought has occurred to me several times this season--and i've quickly discarded it each and every time. i enjoy angst, i write angst, i think angsty thoughts. but i'm also very, very good at denial. and that particular theory hits far too close to "logical progression of events" for me to want to even contemplate it for long. just as i'm not ready to give up on House, the show, i'm also not at all willing to give up on House, the character! ;)

28th-Nov-2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
I so second this
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I so second this <_<.

Part of the whole problem this season is House is acting weirdly happy. He's suddenly not really as much of a jerk anymore, he doesn't really seem all that damaged (let alone the lack of pills he seems to be on of late) and there's no explanation.
I can pretend its because Wilson and him got together though >_>. Ugly is what really botched my view for that though...

House himself has just turned plain shallow. Wilson has been weird, Ugly is a good example of that. House is feeling a normal human emotion, guilt. Wilson points it out passingly, but spends the entire episode trying to convince House that he's a man-dog who's only physically attracted to her? Wtf. The Wilson we know is bent on making sure House has some degree of empathy for other people, he would have prodded at that!

I think a good 80% of the problem, aside from the bad writing is just the overload of the characters, there's no time for even House to be himself. He's just there to spout off a couple of weak jokes and supervise.

And god! I was so mad with last nights episode! There was NO closure to that conflict, they just ended it there because there was no time! And you're right, just having House give him one of those looks that means everything at the end of it would have been sufficient!

My other major problem with it was the reason for firing Amber was like an antithesis to House as a character and the show in general. House has always been doing things in a very "ends justifies the means" sort of way, but suddenly, someone else does it and it's not cool? And lots of things contradict previous seasons, I remember House telling Foremen (who was his favorite) back in season 1 that he wants Foremen's self confidence hinged on it more or less. So frustrating!

(And you're telling me that in the 13 years or whatever the number it is that Wilson has been working there he's never seen someone mad finding out they're going to live? give me a break. Dream Wilson even references it in end of S2)

Season 4 is sensationalism to the max it seems like. So many lame firing fakeouts in this episode. I just get a little bit tired of being manipulated blatantly by the show...

I liked the first 3 seasons for the most part. S3 had some issues, but the painful Tritter arc is what really showed how much Wilson loves House for me, so I can't bash it too hard. (just the lack of making up was fail). Though the last few episodes were reward enough.

I'll still keep watching, but this season is like a horrible alternate universe that I can only console myself with the thought that Wilson and House are totally doing it offscreen, and that's why House is strangely happy <_<.
28th-Nov-2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
mad with last nights episode! There was NO closure to that conflict, they just ended it there because there was no time! And you're right, just having House give him one of those looks that means everything at the end of it would have been sufficient!

and their final words to each other, as regards that conflict?
wilson: do your job.
house: no.

allll-righty, then. that was satisfying.

And you're telling me that in the 13 years or whatever the number it is that Wilson has been working there he's never seen someone mad finding out they're going to live? give me a break. Dream Wilson even references it in end of S2

and that S2 scene was so beautiful, so eloquent, that i've used it, or referenced it, several times in my own fiction; it's a prime example of how very well wilson understands house and the way he views the world.

just the lack of making up was fail

yup--and fanfic writers the world over [including me] are still attempting to correct that oversight. sigh....

28th-Nov-2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
I think that the biggest problem in the most recent episodes are that the writers are being spread to thin. As they've been trying to develop the new characters they've been trying to give everyone storyline and background and because of that they've been cutting storylines short. I'm hoping that when the show comes back, and hopefully if the WGA strike is over, that the writers will be able to go back to witty dialogue and catch us up on all the storylines they've been neglecting. I'm glad that the competition is over and the characters can start getting to know one another.

I'm upset about the whole Wilson-House dynamic disappearing recently. Hopefully it will get better, and the writers have a chance before we are all waiting until next fall due to the WGA strike.
28th-Nov-2007 07:56 pm (UTC)
i have this lovely fantasy that when doris egan isn't out picketing, she's hard at work writing a three episode mini-arc wherein house and wilson pick up each of the loose threads left hanging around, and weave them into something credible, something beautiful and sharp and angsty and hilarious. and we get our house-wilson dynamic back. and every script writer who follows manages to maintain and strengthen their bond.

dream with me here. it's comforting.
28th-Nov-2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
As much as I hate to say that (didn't even imagine I'd say that sometime) I totally second what you've stated here. There's something rotten in the State of House MD now. Something confusing, incoherent, disturbing. I've got the feeling it's not the same hospital/docs/galaxy. I don't understand what is happening there. All I know is that Lawrence Kaplow left the show. He was the one who wrote the best episodes ever. Along with David Shore he gave the show its soul. Yesterday's writer was a new one. Seemed like he/she didn't even bother to watch the 3 first seasons. Where's House ? I want him back too. D*mn it !
Nonetheless and just like you, I'll keep on watching it. For HL & RSL.
We need a fic from you ! please ?
No pressure, the usual, take all the time you need :-)

side note : Bright side in "Games" : House was watching a soap and he played the piano (a little). Now we need the PSP, the motorbike, and Wilson moving back to House's place. And Stacy ?
28th-Nov-2007 08:01 pm (UTC)
i am, in fact, working on an incredibly complex fic [no, not the sequel to tmtc, although i'm still making notes and creating scenes for that--it's still alive]. the new one is the most difficult thing i've ever written, and it's going to be either the most intense, most beautiful thing i've written--or it'll be pure garbage. there is no middle ground with this one. so we'll see.

hugh laurie at the piano is always a joy. and last night, i found it a comfort and a consolation as well.
28th-Nov-2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
I've been trying to give the season/show a try each episode, but there are just things that just don't work for me. But I'm not saying everything has been bad, I've really loved some things. (Maybe it's the fact that I don't have a already made season dvd in my hand that's mixing me up.)

But here has been many confusing things, and also some things that could have been something big if they were used better. I mean IT WAS FINALLY LUPUS!
I really don't like the way House's has been. I can't even remember when he last popped a pill. I've even found myself missing all the gory scenes. I was so excited to see the rock star puke all over himself at the beginning.
I really did not understand 4:09. (I thank for explaining the meaning, cause I really didn't get it.)
I'm also really upset because all my favorite fellows are gone. I just began to like and appreciate CTB, but of course she got fired.The competition was okay at first, but then it got tiring. I may not like the new team all that much, but I guess it's better then nothing.

I'm obviously a House/Wilson fan, but like you, It's the House and Wilson dynamic that got me interested. Their relationship with each other, and others are really important to me.

I just got finished watching the Stacy Arc on my dvds. I can't say I really liked it, but I did enjoy it. I often found my self cringing and wanting to turn away, but there was so many good things happening, and I really wanted to find out what would happen next.

I honestly can't remember season 3 all that well, but I was okay with it for the most part. I agree that it was darker then the first to seasons, but it was good in its on way.

Also Cuddy's portrayal been bugging me. I've felt that's she's really given up and 4:09 kind of showed that, but it a good way. I think because we actually get to see Cuddy and how she's reacting to everything is much better.

I don't mind the angst. I think I like angst the most because it's easier to see all the inner and outer conflict.

I'd don't know how I would react without Wilson. I don't even want to think about it.

I'm really trying to be patient. Maybe in the long run, everything will look like it fit together all along. I'm probably thinking too much about the show, I should just enjoy it like (sort of) said. I'm not going to give up on the show, I still love it.
I feel much better after reading all the comments.

28th-Nov-2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
I'm probably thinking too much about the show

i'm laughing in complete empathy with that feeling--but hey, that's why we're all here, right? ;)
28th-Nov-2007 08:13 pm (UTC)
What gets me about this season is in orer to have the BIG POINT they have to be so over the top with it that half the audience is missing the finer points. Why does Wilson have to come off looking like an idiot for House to mirror him and show how he doesn't have to take everything as his fault? He doesn't but they have repeatedly set Wilson up as the bad doctor. Wilson is House's conscience, House is Wilson's mirror showing back what Wilson may or may not want to see. It fits but there has to be better ways to show this than the route the show has taken this year.

The newbies...could care less. Foreman...never liked him but last night I realized he needs to move next to Cuddy and become an adminstrator because he sucks as a doctor. He ONCE AGAIN made judgements about the patient and then refused to do anything missing out on a NEUROLOGICAL issue that pointed to what was wrong with the patient. He isn't House 2.0 he's Cuddy 2.0 and sucks at that as well.

I have more but my bus to work is on its way. Can we continue this later?

28th-Nov-2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen the big picture if there is one.
When Cuddy said Neurological I was wondering wear in the world Foremon was. I thought that was his specialty or something. We don't need another Cuddy, especially because of how Cuddy's been acting lately.
28th-Nov-2007 08:29 pm (UTC) - Took the words right out of my mouth!
"And--because I am a foolish optimist, with unshaken faith in Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard--I will continue to watch the show faithfully, awaiting the day when the medical mysteries again capture my avid attention, the day when the writing again makes me laugh and cry and sigh and snort, all in the space of five minutes--the day when House and Wilson, the current confusing and separate entities, become again House-and-Wilson, two intriguing "halves" who make the most complex "whole" on television. "

Hear hear! I must admit, I was... hopelessly lost watching this last ep. I don't know if it was the extreme lack of sleep and my usual inability to focus, or what, but... I just didn't get the point of it. It could have been good, what with the drug addiction coinciding with House's, the writers could have, I don't know, made one of those *statements* they used to make. But if there was one I either failed to notice, or it was buried under the mass of stupid. When RSL came on screen, I literally yelped with glee. But everything seemed so forced and disjointed. None of the poignancy of the earlier seasons. I preferred the Tritter arc, to be honest, because at least there was some meaning to what was happening.

Are the writers getting burned out, or what? I notice this happens with a lot of shows. LOST, The Office, Heroes. Basically all the other shows I watch. And yet I keep watching, holding out hope....

Ah well. It doesn't upset me *too* much, because House and Wilson have a little home in my brain together, where they eat pancakes and talk about their feelings. As long as we've got H/W fanfic, I'm happy.
28th-Nov-2007 08:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Took the words right out of my mouth!
None of the poignancy of the earlier seasons. I preferred the Tritter arc, to be honest, because at least there was some meaning to what was happening.

i never thought i'd say this, but i did too.

did i really, truly, actually say that i preferred the tritter arc???
28th-Nov-2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
You saint. Thank you for this. I'm actually going to go back this weekend and watch all of Season 1 -- just so I can remember what the show, you know, used to be like.
28th-Nov-2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
I'm actually going to go back this weekend and watch all of Season 1

you're welcome. and i'll join you. we'll eat chinese food and laugh, and treat each other like human beings. and we'll make jokes that are actually intelligent and funny, and don't overly rely on adolescent bathroom humor or human anatomy. and we'll throw in an occasional serious discussion. it'll be just like old times.

28th-Nov-2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
I visited a few chat and message boards, and was unsurprised to discover that the majority of posting viewers had totally missed the well-hidden intent of the plotline.

Since I'm one of those people, maybe you could tell me what it was?
28th-Nov-2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
the writers would have had us believe the following:

*wilson--through an incorrect test result--misdiagnosed a patient as terminal.
*house found the above fascinating, and so sat in when wilson informed the patient of the misdiagnosis.
*the patient reacted with horror instead of euphoria.
*wilson felt guilty, and house, suspecting that wilson would want to fix things, correctly assumed that wilson would attempt to compensate the patient for his stated $6000 loss on the sale of his home.
*house confronted wilson about wilson's plan to pay the patient from his own bank account.
and at this point, the writer begins to count upon the viewer's skill at inference--and the following is what i inferred

*when house couldn't make wilson "see reason," house went to the patient and suggested that--if he sued wilson--he could come out of this with much more than $6000.
*house did this because he knew that--even in our litigious society--it was highly improbable that the patient could win a case in which his strongest legal argument was "i sold my home and therefore suffered financially."
*house's reasoning was that if he could convince the patient to sue, the patient would lose his frivolous lawsuit, and would therefore blow his chance to take the $6000 wilson had voluntarily offered.
*wilson figured out that the suing patient had talked not with a lawyer, but with a doctor--said doctor being house.
*wilson confronted house, and in the process, theoretically learned that house had been attempting to save wilson $6000, and to teach wilson not to let people take advantage of his gentle nature.
*the audience learns that--gasp!--house cares about wilson!
*and they all lived happily after. except when they didn't.

there now. clear as mud??
28th-Nov-2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
What the hell is wrong with these writers? Did they know they were going to strike and gave up early? I think they did. I know they can do better, and season two is a prime example. The A plot connected to the B plot which connected to the C plot. Everything came together nicely, whether it was happy or sad or shocking or expected. It might not have been interesting some of the time, but at least it made something of itself.

These days, nothing connects. There's no common thread, there's no similar situation, and there's no awareness. Things just happen for no reason, or reasons that make no sense. I no longer want to see what happens next because I'm interested. I want to see what happens next because I need to see if there's anything better. And continuously I've been let down.

I hope the new year brings something good.
28th-Nov-2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
I no longer want to see what happens next because I'm interested. I want to see what happens next because I need to see if there's anything better.

what a succinct way to put it! and i believe that statement resounds with many of us previously enthusiastic viewers, as we continue to watch, hands partially covering our eyes, for the incipient train wreck. thank you.

edited because sometimes i do know how to spell 'succinct'!

Edited at 2007-11-28 10:08 pm (UTC)
28th-Nov-2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
I think this is very articulate. I'm not in quite as much despair and I have tons of hope for the post-WGA-strike episodes that must be coming. A lot of the writers this season have been new(ish). We need more Russell Friend, Garret Lerner, Doris Egan, etc.
28th-Nov-2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
I have tons of hope for the post-WGA-strike episodes that must be coming

then surely you won't mind if i borrow just a wee, tiny bit? :)

We need more Russell Friend, Garret Lerner, Doris Egan

ahhh--amen to that! [see my own personal 'doris egan dream' above, in response to iamnotnormal's comment.]
28th-Nov-2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
I have to say, I don't get people saying that the House/Wilson dynamic is slipping away. I think it's been better than ever this season. Wilson showing realy concern over House's recklessness with his own life. House has been in Wilson's office...I don't know how many times. He told Wilson that he loves him. I think if they were setting up someone replacing Wilson, they would have kept ROF. Someone else already said this but, if anyone is being shoved aside to make way for the newbies it's been CCF, mostly CC. I haven't gotten any vibe that they're supposed to be House's new Wilson and/or Cuddy at all. Nor have I noticed Wilson or Cuddy's screentime lacking anymore than it did when CCF still reigned. Cuddy's characterization is suffering but not screentime. Let's not forget we had three episodes last year, (count 'em. One, two, three) with no House/Wilson interaction at all. I think this season is actually highlighting the relationship. We didn't see Wilson's reaction to the infarction (which given the context of Three Stories didn't really bother me). We didn't get a real reaction from Wilson, post House shooting. We got completely screwed in H-W. Cam got something, Chase got something, Cuddy got something. Wilson vanished and then got insulted. Now, we've had a Wilson reaction for both 97 Seconds and YDWTK. We didn't get any from CCF or really Cuddy. I can buy House trying to get Wilson ready for a life without him, that doesn't mean House is going to die, it could just mean that House just doesn't care about his life anymore and he wouldn't really fight to live if it comes to that (which is how I took Wilson's "dying's easy. Living's hard."). If Wilson leaves, I'm gone but I highly doubt that this will be the case because a) I think DS knows how important that relationship is to the balance of the show (he said it himself, or something pretty close to it, during the Tritter arc) and would not be willing to lose it. And b) RSL may like the stage better than the screen and he may be doing this mainly for the money but I don't ever recall him saying that he didn't like the show. He's always been pretty enthusiastic about his character, to me anyway. He really gets along well with HL and has said that he has the best job in Hollywood. I doubt he's going to jump ship.
28th-Nov-2007 11:42 pm (UTC)
I don't get people saying that the House/Wilson dynamic is slipping away. I think it's been better than ever this season.

you've made some valid points here, but i just don't see the one quoted above. i concede happily to the rare, inconsistent glimpses we've had of the old, familiar compassionate!wilson. but i believe we get a lot more of the new hypercritical!wilson this season. which, to be fair, is a perfectly appropriate reaction to the new ileftmybrainsinmyotherpants!house.

you know one of the [many] things i adore about this show? it's [still] worth discussing, and debating, and analyzing. and--even after three and a half years--there are fresh things to be said and discovered about the house-wilson dynamic. so i'll repeat: even when it's bad, it's better than anything i've ever seen.
(Deleted comment)
29th-Nov-2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
it makes me sad that viewers are beginning to feel the way you do about house; and i'm fighting hard not to feel that way myself. but i'm afraid that if these things don't straighten out soon, your feelings will be echoed by more and more in the fandom--we're already seeing it happen. hold on to the hope a bit longer, though; perhaps we're in for some pleasant surprises after the WGA strike--i know i'd very much like to believe that!
29th-Nov-2007 01:03 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with you 100%. I miss what the show once was. I am almost embarrassed for Hugh,Robert,Lisa,Jenn,Jesse and Omar. I really do not know what David Shore and Co. were thinking, but they really f*cked up something that had great potential to be a t.v. classic.
29th-Nov-2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
it doesn't have to be permanently messed up--and we're a very vocal fandom. perhaps someone will hear us, and decide to rectify some of the mistakes and missteps of the last season and a half. let's fervently hope so!
29th-Nov-2007 02:30 pm (UTC) - thoughts
I agree. This season is going down in flames. I hope and pray that the writers will turn things around and bring our House/wilson, Cuddy/House banter back and more HAMERON moments.

All I want 4 Christmas is HAM. lol


29th-Nov-2007 02:43 pm (UTC) - Re: thoughts
oh--i don't think the season is going down in flames--yet. after all, the nightmare that was the beginning of season three straightened out nicely, by the end. as a matter of fact, save for a few [large] plotholes, they did a very enjoyable job of turning things around, in my opinion!
29th-Nov-2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
29th-Nov-2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
thanks--but i honestly wish i hadn't had to write this..... :(
29th-Nov-2007 05:48 pm (UTC) - What the?
I love House and always will, but (and there's always a but), I'm dissapointed with the dumbing down of this season.
The old team does a short blurb, House responds with schoolyard cornball, and I can't follow the medical diagnosis, it's buried in the fluff atmosphere.

Oh well, hope it's just another "arc", I want the grow up House program
29th-Nov-2007 07:39 pm (UTC) - Re: What the?
agreed, whole-heartedly!
30th-Nov-2007 01:28 am (UTC)
Hm, you've given me food for thought KidsNurse, but I don't find that I agree with you at all (and isn't that the beauty of it all ? ;)

I'm going to be considerably blunter than I would be on a board, but I'm very interesting in discussing this with you and mincing words really isn't useful.

I don't think the friendship is gone, but it has changed and in some ways for the better. S1 was somewhat cartoonish with little explanation and S2 mainly made up of constant bickering. I can't really comment on your view of the characters because I'm not entirely sure what that is. I've mainly noticed a tendency to put Wilson in the role as the compassionate rescuer of a blameless House, and I have to say that I can't recognise that as their main characteristics. Instead, if you will allow me, I'll explain my interpretation of their dynamic (which it should be mentioned, for the sake of completion, I do not consider canon). And I had a long post typed up but I realised that I wanted to expand it a bit and put it up at my LJ as well because I've been pondering it for some time, so I'm giving you a link instead: Here.

As for House as a character, I don't recognise the idea that he's become more boorish and less complex. I'd suggest rewatching the conversation with CTB in his office – not to mention his firing of her. That is exactly the complex and thoughtful character I remember being deeply intrigued by. He's still asking the questions and seeking the answers but his surroundings have changed. For the better in my opinion.
30th-Nov-2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
I read what you wrote (yes, I know I'd been spoiled, no problem).
I agree with all you said , as far as what I know so far.
Yesterday I saw the three episodes after "97 seconds " and I found them...boring.
I never thought I could use that word relating to House.
I think I am "hopelessly devoted to " this show (to be read singing the "Grease" track tune :-), and I am not abandoning it. I 'd feel like I were cheating on my husband only because after some years he got older and boring :-)
House is not House anymore, so am I sure is it worth yet?
That's a real struggle!
most of all, watching Hugh and RSL in that mess is so hurting I don't know if I can make it!

I loved S3 when a lot of people kept on saying it was bad...I love the H/W dynamic especially there, they were playing "my" perfect twisted relationship, the dark side of the one of S1. In S1 all was a sort of miracle, in S 2 all was perfectly balanced, in S3 all was completely messed up. Bt S4....!!!
Well, I consider this season only to be made up my "Alone " and "97 seconds"....
Sorry I wrote a whole poem ;-) but LJ lost it completely :-(((( This is a sort of roundup , I hope my sadness is showing through.
1st-Dec-2007 04:31 am (UTC)
Maybe after the writers strike it'll get better and you're interest will be captured again hun.

*offers a mint mocha* Just hold in there.